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This week I got the message out about MedShare’s cause and the expedition with Fox News and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  I’m not sure when they will print and show the stories but I will post them as soon as possible.  Hopefully these interviews will really kick off the project and fundraising.  They were both very enjoyable meetings and the reporters were very kind.  It was fun to learn their process and I hope that by looking like a goof-ball on camera it will end up helping raise the money for the shipment of medical supplies.

What I think is important is that folks identify with the environmental themes here.  MedShare gave me some excellent data on their low carbon footprint, and as I drove home from the Fox interview which was at MedShare’s headquarters, it made me recognize yet another connection between MedShare’s work and the protected wilderness that I will kayak through.  We must continue to push down energy consumption and carbon footprints here, even as far away as Atlanta, if we are going to prevent damage to the sensitive coastal environments as far away as the Pacific Northwest.  Looking for an example…remember the Exxon Valdez crisis?

Chris from AJC and Conor

Fox News in Atlanta at MedShare


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Night Paddling at DWP in Downtown LA

That is what the police radio said after I paddled around the LA Department of Water and Power last night.  This was one of the most fun and wacky nights of paddling I’ve ever had.  Thanks for the great photos and film work, Kim!

Thankfully, the police loved the idea and the CauseToPaddle.org purpose.  We were even invited to take some photos in front of the opera house 🙂   The dream of moonlight kayaking around downtown has finally come to fruition after plenty of jokes and logistics planning…we actually had a good hour and a half before we were seen.  Not many people stick around after catching shows there, but downtown LA has a lot to offer.  The DWP has a moat that goes around the whole building.

”Wherever there is a channel for water, there is a road for the canoe.” (Henry David Thoreau)  Although, for the record, my kayak is not a canoe!

For more photos, see link here.

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Okay, so I had no idea how much traction with press this expedition idea will get.  Check out these recent TV clips about similar projects.

Project CURE is a similar organization to MedShare, but it has centers in Denver, CO and Texas. See link here for its recent NBC news report.

And Jake is a good friend of my paddling partners George and Jeandrew.  He’s going to paddle 5000 miles around 1/3 of the US, along the east coast.  See link here for his news report.

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