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Conor launches his new home for the next 5 months today.

The count down is now just 14 days till launch! I’ve been tying up loose ends and many developments have happened of late. I’ve now got a well-suited kayaking partner for the third leg from Ketchikan to Juneau named Louise Hamlin. She is an astro-scientist at NASA’s contractor Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) who has spent a year doing research and education in Antarctica in addition to her skills building and racing sea-kayaks. She completed the Yukon river race in Alaska which was 500 miles in only 3 days! So you can all welcome her to the team. Her email is above. We’ve already done some kayaking together in addition to some water rescues and we’ll be crossing to Catalina on March 6th as a practice run before I leave for Seattle.
You are invited to join us along with my normal channel-crossing partners George and Jeandrew, to camp on Catalina at Two Harbors on Saturday night, March 6th. Some of my friends in Los Angeles will be making the ferry trip out for an evening barbecue and last hurrah. So please let me know if you can make it!
The talk at REI Manhattan Beach went really well. A total of 15 people came to the presentation and I was invited back after my trip. It was great because it got the word to a few more potential donors and one gentleman will forward info about the expedition to UCLA ‘s boat club because he is a kayaking instructor there.

After almost five years at St. Jude Medical, I am clearing out my cube and have transitioned my projects to others. My last day is next Friday March 5th. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with such great people and have had excellent projects. Mostly I’ve been going out for some great lunches with folks and am proud of the relationships I’ve formed and the products that I’ve helped develop or get into the market. I will return to this career for sure and look at this year sabbatical as a break away to complete this personal challenge.
Things have been coming together as far as my gear and equipment although much of it is arriving at the last minute. Thanks to Kim’s diligence with Samy’s Camera, I’ll be shooting photos with a Nikon D40 SLR camera!
This weekend, Kim, Louise, and I are at the Golden Gate Sea Kayaking Symposium in the San Francisco Bay. We’ll be brushing up skills and training with some of the best instructors and expedition guides in the world. And most importantly, I’ll be picking up my expedition kayak, sponsored by Valley Sea Kayaks, at a length of 17 feet and 7 inches and a width of 22.5 inches. This will be my turtle shell, my home, and the vessel that I will rely on for 2500 miles!


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